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Lucy Czakan – Group Brand Alignment

Lucy CzakanLucy is Group Brand Alignment for The CFO Centre group. For the last 14 years Lucy has run several businesses and worked with businesses in a variety of sectors. She is passionate about making a difference in businesses by enabling them to realise the potential of their brand and building the talent of their leaders in order to create alignment.

She spent the first half of her career with ICI and Unilever where she developed international marketing, brand and new product initiatives for leading multi-million pound brands, she was involved with large scale takeovers and mergers and managing culture change initiatives. She was instrumental in launching a new food brand Quorn into the market in the 80’s which is now a major household name.

Lucy cares deeply and prides herself on exceptional quality in what she does. Her warmth and presence helps her gain trust and strong empathy with people very quickly.

Our 12 Box Architecture Method

We deliver a better service by using our 12 Box Architecture to review every area of your current company finance function, including current and future requirements. We dig deep at the start of a new client relationship with the aim of identifying problem areas and presenting each clearly to the client. This valuable approach can purge old issues and help you create a new road map, with a top quality part-time CFO to manage the implementation of the plan. We offer a first stage of this process to businesses at no cost, then the onus is firmly on us to demonstrate the value we offer.

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