There’s a reason we’re the Global Number 1 provider of part-time CFOs

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    Eliminate Cash Flow Problems, Find Suitable Funding, Work with Clear Management Reports
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    Secure a top CFO to work with you on a Part-Time Basis
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    Expert Help to Expand your business, Develop Exit Plans, and Ultimately Sell your Business
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    Take on an Expert CFO for Less than the Cost of a Junior Member of Staff!

Why we are number 1...

We were the first to design a client focussed solution for affordable access to high calibre CFOs who work within a supported structure globally.

Our growth has been global. Find out more...

How will a part-time CFO transform your business?

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    Our unique approach

    Core to our philosophy at The CFO Centre Group is our 12 box architecture, an easy to navigate view of the financial function needed to grow any business efficiently and profitably. Our 12 Box Architecture will help you identify which from the following expert skills you need to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business.

    arrow-gstrategic skillsarrow-g1

    • product-img2 Define strategic activities and exit planning
    • product-img2 Risk assessment
    • product-img3 Implementation timetable
    • product-img4 Strategic funding

    arrow-goperational skillsarrow-g1

    • product-img5 Internal systems
    • product-img6 Reporting
    • product-img7 Profit improvement
    • product-img8 Cash flow management

    arrow-gbusiness supportarrow-g1

    • product-img9 Compliance reporting
    • product-img10 Tax planning & legal issues
    • product-img11 Outsourcing
    • product-img12 Banking relationship
    the 12 box framework
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